My Vision

I went one evening to a community forum held by the Board of Education because I was concerned about an issue that affected my family. When my chance came to speak, one of the board members belittled me for raising the issue. 


At first, I felt embarrassed, but later, when it turned out that I was right, and he was wrong. I began to think, who was this person to be so unkind to one of the people that he was supposed to be elected to serve and how could he be in that position and be so misinformed. 

I knew that if I had been in his place, I would have been more sensitive to someone coming to me for help. I also would have worked harder to be informed on the issues. It was that experience that motivated me to run for elected office.


In 10 years on the Board of Education and four as a member of the Board of County Commissioners, I have never forgotten that night. I have always been keenly aware that the office I held belonged to the people, and I was there to protect their interests. 


As a result, I have always made myself available to listen and consider people’s concerns. I also have always felt an obligation to dig below the surface of the issues before me, ask questions, confirm facts, and try to get a full understanding of anything I was asked to vote on.


I grew up in a military family where “Duty, Honor, Country” was part of our everyday life. That instilled in me a strong desire to serve, and I have done that in Cumberland County, my entire adult life both in and out of elected office. I have come to believe that the majority of our people are traditional Americans who believe in God, Country, and family. I ran because I wanted to see those traditional American values upheld. 


I do not want to see a self-proclaimed Progressive Liberal who is proud of being endorsed by Planned Parenthood in the NC House 43 seat. I believe in freedom, self-determination, and the right to strive to be all that God has planned for us. 


If this is what you believe being an American is all about, then I invite you to join me in my effort to represent the people of Cumberland County in the NC House 43rd District.


Diane Wheatley