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Pro Growth Economy

As a small business owner and advocate for the taxpayer, I am committed to fiscal responsibility and budgetary accountability.  North Carolina needs leaders who support policies that result in economic growth,  job creation, and first support our local small businesses — not tax increases. North Carolinians deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money to support their families. North Carolina politicians need to be accountable to  taxpayers by using a cost-benefit approach to spending for State needs.


I support strong North Carolina schools, a quality education for our children, rewarding our hard-working teachers, and the empowerment of families to make the best educational choices for their children. We can achieve excellence in education and student performance through expanding opportunity in educational options, including work-based programs. No longer should a family’s income or zip code dictate access to a better school. I also advocated for Fayetteville State University to be added to the NC Promise Program, which guarantees $500 in-state tuition per semester for students.  This is now law along with over $44 million appropriated to Fayetteville State University for the College of Education, new parking decks, and a new residence hall. 


Leadership is needed in the General Assembly to lower the cost of healthcare in North Carolina. This can be done through expanding the competitive healthcare marketplace,  innovative solutions that control costs, and reigning in government mandates. As a Registered Nurse, I understand the need for free-market driven solutions that foster competition in healthcare to help reduce costs and achieve better outcomes.

Transportation and Infrastructure

District 43 is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. Cumberland County is rich with opportunity, hope for the future, and fullness of life. As we navigate the challenges that come with growth in North Carolina, we need to have a leader in the General Assembly who will fight to return our taxpayer dollars back to the district to improve our roads and transportation mobility in the region.
I am proud to have returned over $400,000,000.00 in taxpayer dollars to Cumberland County alongside Representative John Szoka in just my first term. This money is directly benefiting the communities of Cumberland County and our education systems. I will continue to make sure our tax dollars return to our district and are properly invested where we need them the most.

Public Safety

Ensuring our communities are safe for citizens – especially our children –  is my top priority. I continue to be a strong and vocal supporter of our law enforcement and school resource officers (SROs) to keep our communities and schools safe.

Pro Growth
Pubic Safety
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